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This blog is being started as a kind of experiment, The experiment will be based on 2 parts to engage with local companies and see if I can help them grasp and have a reason to use social media to help them grow their business, become more socially active and to show that a person from a different background than most bloggers can run, maintain and produce a blog good enough for recognition and response?


After much consideration I have come up with some very interesting ways to get socially active with some of the people I’m interested in and hopefully help them at the same time to grow and use social media to its maximum. As well as work related posts I will be uploading posts from my life to keep it interesting including nights out, accomplishments, hobbies and trips. So keep an eye open for more from my self including photos, videos, text and recorded interviews coming soon….!


8 thoughts on “About This

  1. Good work Mathew, good to see you make it!
    Blog looks great too, good choice of theme and widgets – great work!

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