iPhone 6 Rumors

iphone   iPhone 5S and 5C

Though the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c have only been available for a couple of months, rumors about the next generation iPhone have been surfacing since long before Apple’s newest iPhone’s debuted.

One of the strongest rumors I have heard  are that Apple are planning on bringing the release this year forward from the usual September slot as in previous years to July, Many analyst sight different reasons for this change but the majority say it is all down to making sure the device or devices are ready and in stock for the holiday season, Only time will tell on this one but id expect to see an announcement about a planed event coming out in May or June.

The above rumor of the early release has all but been confirmed as false after GT Advanced confirmed they would be making sapphire screen-coatings for their next line of smartphones and analysts have noticed that GT Advanced future shipments for the screens point to a September release (more on this below).

Another rumor is the reported upgrade to iOS 8, I can see this happening as new iPhones tend to be realised with the new iOS, there won’t be a big facelift like iOS 7 was as it’s still relatively new but may come with minor upgrades and improvements, not to forget iOS 7.1 the first major update to hit the new iOS is out mid March.

         iPhone 6 Render

Other common and popular rumors are the iPhone 6 will be coming in 2 or 3 different sizes this would be to allow for different size screens pointing to a 4.7, 5.7 and 6 inch screens, the screen maybe also slightly curved, and other rumours suggest it will go edge to edge or as on some of the videos below the screen will go over the edges forming the side of the phone if this is the case then the iPhone 6 will look very impressive.
We also have rumors apple will drop the home button, some say this will be replaced with just a touch pad under the screen (like the example above) overs suggest that the button will go but there will still be the home button logo for people to press, this last one seems less likely as the on the home button on the iPhone 5s we have already lost the home logo of old but one thing we do know the finger print scanner is going to stay and with some of the patents Apple have produced there’s room to speculate that it will be enhanced and further developed.

Some news we can confirm Apple and Gorilla Glass will be parting ways with the release of the iPhone 6, as the Cupertino-based tech giant will be switching to sapphire screen-coating for the next line of smartphones. Sapphire coating has been used in high-end watches for a while due to its high-durability and scratch-resistance. Currently, sapphire coating has only been used on iPhone camera lenses and the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor. The upcoming iWatch will supposedly enjoy sapphire coating as well. And the company behind Apple’s sapphire coating, GT Advanced, stands to make a pretty penny from their deal. They are looking at $500-$700 Million for the first six months, since coating a display with sapphire costs 3-4 times more than coating it with Gorilla Glass (which only costs $3 per screen). Although the specific number of displays GT Advanced will be producing isn’t known, we do know they haven’t produced enough to make a May shipment date of the iPhone 6. Analysts believe that, based on GT Advanced’s shipments, that the iPhone 6 will be ready for sale come September 2014.

There is also a small rumor that the name may change depending on the size of iPhone you purchase, the largest version will be the iPhone Air (this ties in with the iPad and Mac names) then there will be the iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6C this could be true looking at the change in name of iPad ect.

Other rumors include like Samsung and Sony before them Apple will bring out the iWatch as mentioned above, this will also have a sapphire screen coating and will act as an aid to like and health and fitness.

Other rumors heard that could be true or become true in one way are

  • Camera app upgrades and Camera upgrade to 10MP or higher
  • Thinner and lighter device
  • New chipset in include a 64Bit A8 processor
  • iPhone 6 will be water resistant
  • iPhone 6 will come out a wide range of colours

Some of these ruomors leave us asking more questions like, What dose all this mean for the iPhone 5C? will there be a 6C from the outset? will the camera match the Galaxy S5? Will it be lighter than a 5S? What screen will we be getting? Will any of the above happen or will Apple surprise the world?

Below are some video renders of possible iPhone 6 designs.


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