Some say that in the men’s tennis final it was him playing and not Andy Murray…..And when he was young it was ok to eat packed lunches…..All we know is he’s called Mat !

537018_339929079459965_104704253_n Mathew Wilkins

“So do you start at the beginning or like online marketing expert Marcus Sheridan,  start with the ending”             

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For this first ever blog I’m going to go conventional and start at the beginning and see where it takes us.

As you may or may not have realized my name is Mathew Wilkins, I’m 29 and after grasping Facebook and Twitter for a while now I thought it’d be a good time to take the plunge into blogging.

If Cars, News, Views and Social media tips are your thing then I will be aiming to fill your pallet, my eventual aim will be to complete guide and help to social media marketing advice, news and views for local trades people in the motor industry.

So step one is being taken, and as you read this the journey begins for this blog and myself, but for it to work and flourish it has to be useful and not amazing and with a lot of hard work and dedication it will be helpful.

So before I sign out I’m just going to go back to this week’s Top Gear yet again the show was on top form, but here is a question I have for you, they had the NEW Ferrari F12 on the show but NO power lap… this down to Ferrari flexing its big brand muscles and not allowing them to do the power lap, or like before more the case they wouldn’t let The Stig drive it on a lap and wanted one of their drivers to do the power lap to ‘’Give it its best chance of a good time’’ ? for this i draw your attention to the episode in 2009 when they had Michael Schumacher dressed as The Stig ONLY to do the power lap in the Ferrari FXX.

Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12

And on that bombshell good bye.