The Use Of Photos In Social Media Marketing


So here is my next post on social media, in case you missed Beyond The Matt, I stated I would look at how some of the worlds largest brands use photos on social media sites and how a photo gains as much if not more response than just a simple status or tweet with words.

Firstly I have looked at McDonalds the number one hamburger fast food chain in the world, you would automatically think that a brand as large as McDonalds wouldn’t need to use social media platforms to advertise and push their brand more but FACT: McDonalds spend over 2 billion dollars a year to remain the world’s number one. Their social media pages help ensure that the brand is never far from sight or mind anywhere in the world. How do they get the engagement? 17,143 likes/ 647 comments/ 333 shares was it a voucher for a free burger? A competition? No! It was a photograph which portrayed the brand people have come to recognize and trust, with a very suitable one liner.The most powerful part is the brand in the photo but this isn’t the best example for them but one I felt was most suitable for the time of the year.


I then looked at one of the biggest soft drinks companies in the world Coca Cola their CEO Muhtar Kent said

” that social media marketing accounts for over 20 percent of the company’s media spend … and is growing fast.”

The executive said that five years ago, social media accounted for just 3 percent, but the appeal of improving prospect and customer engagement was too great for the organization to ignore.”

They posted this picture celebrating the release of 100 new names to their Share with friends campaign, this picture got 1,538 Likes, 1,891 Comments and 598 Shares, but do Coca Cola need to do this marketing on social media?

This fitted right in with the current campaign Share with a friend and so people would share this with friends who had been missed out on the original 100 names list, then they would begin to try to find their own name, or a friend find it for them.


So what would you expect Sony to post on their Facebook page? A mobile phone, a TV, Maybe a laptop or tablet?


Bet you weren’t expecting a picture of a burger to be posted by Sony!

What was posted was this mouth-watering photograph taken with? A new Sony camera naturally. A camera that took a photo that 4,079 people Liked, 166 Comments and 157 Shares Not only did this post on Facebook and Instagram engage with Sony fans but it is also branded the product. Subliminal advertising as shown in the full post below.


I’m a big, big Liverpool fan and have notice that the Football clubs are selling their brands even more now on social media, one example I can give was this recent post from Liverpool Football Club after the final pre-season warm up game against Celtic Football Club


It was a big thank you to the fans that had followed them all around the world in pre season, and shows the Liverpool fans mixing with Celtic fans. This Picture promoting the Liverpool brand and their brand of friendly fans got 22,448 Likes, 244 Comments and 1,130 Shares. This reaching fans all over the world and pushing the brand of Liverpool Football Club to places never seen before.

Finally one I had flash up on my wall on only this morning from Mercades-Benz. This was posted onto Facebook as a tease of their all new 4X4 the GLA.The image shoes the designers sketches of what the 4X4 will look like ahead of its launch later this year. this post in 6 hours alone got 36,662 Likes, 713 comments and 2,451 Shares that is mind-boggling in such a short space of time.


Think your missing a trick? Then look at your Social pages and see how many of your posts actually engage with your audience. If they don’t then start, Get creative and change what you do. Have some fun and don’t take life too seriously some of the best campaigns are just born out of fun and madness.

Please feel free to get in touch if I can help your business reach the people you want.Now the heat wave has gone, lets engage with those new and exciting customers and see where social media can take your business.

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