Videos On Social Networks

Above is a video I put together using an app on my iPhone called iMovie to show what we get up to on a works night out, I then posted the video on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, the response it got amongst my fellow work mates and others was really good, It was seen by almost everyone in work with loads talking about it and telling others to watch it if they already hadn’t and their response was very positive……But that’s little old me doing it for a little bit of fun, what happens when your a big brand, a world wide company and you post a video or trailer via Facebook or Twitter ?

One of the best examples of this in recent times would be the following Fast 6 trailer posted on the day of release back in May.

when this video was posted on Facebook it reached an amazing

Likes 36,068

Shares 9674  (from there this will of been shared even more by other people to reach a wider audience)

Comments 2872  (most recent comment coming on July 10th nearly 2 full months after the original post)

The audience this reached due to its brand and the production company was huge world wide and the stats would of been so much more if you could trace every share and the shares, comments and likes that then went on top of the original post. So imagine what your business could achieve locally by using social media to connect with new and existing customers by trying different ideas such as videos, photos, questions as a status and more.

On Facebook there are local companies grasping these ways of marketing and realizing what the big companies are doing on social media and in Newport one company that is sending out daily posts like these is MMD WORKS one of their videos is below.

MMD Works on a daily basis are Tweeting or Facebooking photos with questions, questions on their own and sometimes videos to engage with a wide audience from existing to new customers, from these posts they are triggering likes, shares and comments. They are also very clever and they keep a lot of their posts in some way relevant to what they do as a company.

So rather than just tweeting or posting boring just word related updates like we have a 10% sale on now…make it fun use a picture with a question, try a video or maybe a clever picture on its own and engage with your customers more and if they interact then your on the right path.

My next post will be looking into one if the biggest companies in the world the WWE formerly WWF and how it’s using social media to interact with its fans during live shows and inbetween events.


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